SemantiQc: Norms of familiarity concept and auditory and visual perceptual strength

The provision, for the first time, of authentic reference data on these semantic and linguistic characteristics to a french canadian population

Visual and auditory perceptual strength norms for 3,596 French nouns and their relationship with other psycholinguistic variables

Perceptual experience plays a critical role in the conceptual representation of words. Higher levels of semantic variables such as imageability, concreteness, and sensory experience are generally associated with faster and more accurate word …

Norms of conceptual familiarity for 3,596 French nouns and their contribution in lexical decision

In the last decade, research has shown that word processing is influenced by the lexical and semantic features of words. However, norms for a crucial semantic variable-that is, conceptual familiarity-have not been available for a sizeable French …