SemantiQc: Norms of familiarity concept and auditory and visual perceptual strength

Human language offers an exceptional window on our thinking. Beyond the linguistic properties (phonology, spelling …), the words possess semantic characteristics, which depend on the representation of the concept conveyed by the word. This conceptual representation is more or less familiar to us and is able to evoke an emotion, an image, a sound. These properties are language specific and are influenced by each person’s culture and experience. The originality and strength of our project is based on the provision, for the first time, of authentic reference data on these semantic and linguistic characteristics to a french canadian population. Given the influence of culture on language, our goal is to improve the good practices of Quebec professionals who use words as tools, such as speech therapists, teachers, journalists, etc., by promoting the results of recent research in the neuroscience of language.

This project led to the publication of 2 scientific articles, here are the references: Chedid et al. 2018 et 2019.

Norms of familiarity and perceptual strength (auditory and visual) are available as a free download, or from (forthcoming).

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